Customer Comments

It has been such a pleasure working with you.  Every job is unique and exciting and I hope the final outcome reflects your desires.  Please take a minute to post a little about your experience so that others can get a glimpse of what it was like to work with me!  Thanks so much.


4 responses to “Customer Comments

  1. Hi Ingrid,
    I really appreciated your assistance in re-decorating my condo at Wakefield Harbour. It looks so much better – more space and better conifiguration of the living space. I also love how my living-room and dining-room seem a lot brighter and airy. I will certainly refer you to my friends and neighbours. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Ingrid –
    I appreciate all of your efforts – you had ideas that I would never have thought of.
    I enjoyed the afternoon and it’s just what we needed to kick start the project – thank you! If I hear of anyone else looking for a designer, I’ll give them your name.

  3. Also sent to me by email!
    Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 10:16:11 -0800

    Working with Ingrid Mertens has been such a delight. She was extremely professional and has a great knowledge on how to maximize space. We have a small Bed & Breakfast and the outcome of the project was amazing! After seeing her design outline, I was a bit sceptical as such a small space. I trusted in her experience in which, she made it work beautifully! I highly recommend her and will be contacting her again for more projects and advice.
    (Merci Ingrid! Dawn & Sebastien Phillips)

    Love you lots!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!
    Dawn & Sebastien Phillips
    Auberge de Mon Petit Chum B&B
    29 chemin Burnside
    Wakefield, Quebec
    J0X 3G0
    Tel: (819)459-1814

  4. this was sent to my personal email:

    Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 20:21:37 +0000

    “It was a rare treat to work with Ingrid! She listened with care and patience to our thoughts on design and vision for our new home in Chelsea, Quebec, and helped pull them together into the perfect, cohesive statement of who we are, and how we wanted to live in our home. She is like a design coach: she found our strengths and weaknesses, and then guided our efforts and decisions, and kept us on track, so that the results were the best they could be, and truly our own. She doesn’t let you make a mistake. From large issues of space and function, to the tiniest details in the darkest corners, Ingrid has the knowledge, experience and passion, to figure it all out with you, or for you. She understands and can communicate effectively with all members of the project team: the owners, architect, trades people, suppliers and most importantly: the builder. Ingrid is methodical, punctual, sensible, practical and professional. She thinks in 3-dimensional living colour…and she can articulate it! Thanks to Ingrid, our new home is a wonderful reflection of us, and has far exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much Ingrid!”

    Monica Dashwood and Don Cheslock

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