Growing trees in the basement!

So this weeks DIY is also using that dollar store vinyl.  Here , with my moms help, we hung it on the wall, traced out what would look like a cool tree, cut it out and stuck it to the wall!  We cut out a few leaves and voila, we had a forest in the basement.

We unrolled the dollar store vinyl originally for lining kitchen cabinets.  I like the dollar store vinyl because it tends to be not such good quality which works well for our purpose.  It is just sticky enough to stay on the walls but not so sticky that it will peal off the paint when you want to take it down. I chose a wood grain, I love how it takes on the look of bark.  Once we had our trunks cut out we hung them on the wall with painters tape to help us layout the pattern.  There were left over strips, the paper from the cut edge of the trunk to the straight edge, I realized that by using two of them we had the perfect pieces for a corner tree.  This would help “disappear” the corner of the room.

Dollar store vinyl cut into trees

Dollar store vinyl cut into trees

Before the paper backing is pulled off the vinyl is very curly.  The best way to install it is peal back just a bit of the backing and stick the vinyl to the top corner of the room when the ceiling and the wall meet.  Use the straight edge of the paper to help you get the right angle.  Slowly peal back the paper and use your hand to smooth the vinyl down onto to the wall.  Ours did not make it to the floor so we had to make additional lengths to make it to the ground.

Dollar store vinyl cut into trees

Dollar store vinyl cut into trees

Once the trunks went on we cut out a few branches, again going in the direction of the grain of the “wood” to get the bark effect.  To make leaves we cut out some black vinyl we had kicking around and some left over fabric from the curtains.

Dollar store vinyl cut into trees

Dollar store vinyl cut into trees

Tree decals are all the rage right now and a quick google search of “tree wall decal” will give you thousands of images for inspiration.  And a quick glance at the sale you price will motivate you to do this yourself!  Have fun.


One response to “Growing trees in the basement!

  1. Well I am sad to say that this beautiful wall will be coming down. We have had water damage in our basement this spring and we have chosen to gut the basement and re finish it with modern mould resistance and waterproof materials. Stay tuned to see what we use and how we choose to decorate!

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