Basement turned apartment.

Over this past winter one of my projects was to help redesign a basement into an apartment for the local real-estate investor Sylvie Deneault.

Sylvie Deneault
Spécialiste des Investissements Immobilier/
Real Estate Investments Specialist

Tel: 819.661.5970

Fax: 1.888.803.5959

This is a property in La Peche.  The basement has a separate entrance, great windows, two bedrooms and a bath.  All it needed was a revamp of the mechanical room that serviced the whole house and kitchen.

Here is the old layout:

Here what we see is the “living” space sketched out with the existing mechanical room right in the middle marked out by a dashed line.  The goal is to reorganize the mechanical room to give room for a kitchen.

Here is the new layout:

Here we pushed everything to the back wall.  Without a window we were able to use the back wall and keep things as close as possible to the original location.  We created a kitchen along the wall with an island in front.  The old laundry room was opened up and is bright.  The wall also created the opportunity to create a small closet close to the front door.  Not seen in these drawings are the existing bathroom and 2 bedrooms

Here are the SketchUp plans for the space:

Here are the photos of the final product:

I always like it when clients send me after photos.  In many cases such as this one, I give the client the drawings and they go off, hire their own contractor, and build the project.  I don’t always get the chance to see the “after” product.

If you have any questions about real-estate investing in this area, call Sylvie.  It was so interesting chatting with her and learning all about residential real-estate investing in this area.


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