Labelling pantry jars!

So, our precious little number 2 (N.) is onto solid foods!  T. started early and I cooked all her cereal.  I have since found a great organic cereal that does not need cooking, just add water, even cold water.  I often add breast milk since I always have an extra bottle of it in the fridge just in case I have to run out to see a client and have to leave him at home.  The cereal comes in three flavours and all looks the same.  The box is no good once opened, the plastic bag inside makes it hard to keep it sealed.  I transferred it into glass jars and needed to label them.  I often use dry erase marker cause it comes off easy but I would be handling these so much I wanted a different option.  Here is what I came up with.

I used mason jars.

I traced the lid onto the box and cut it out.

Placed the cardboard between the lid and the screw ring.

Cereal stays sealed, well labelled, easy access.

There is no sticker glue to take off when we are done.

I think it even looks cute in the pantry.

Cereal box jar label.

Cereal box jar label.

If you buy bulk, pull a piece of cardboard out of the recycling, cut the circle and write on the clean side with a ballpoint pen!

Cereal jar label.

Cereal box jar label.

Cereal box jar label.

Cereal box jar label.

The first jar also had the instructions and nutritional info added to it by cutting it out and attaching it with an elastic.  I quickly memorized it so I didn’t bother with the other jars.

I hope you find this helpful!


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