Basement Reno.

So, managing someone else’s reno is fun and challenging.  Doing a reno in my own basement is a whole other adventure.  My husband and I have been living in our house for just over 6 years.   It’s a 1.5 story built about 25 years ago.  Designed with strong passive solar elements and takes advantage of a great southern exposure.  Since living here we have had two kids, I have started my interior design company and I work from home.  All these changes means allot of room use change and for the first time we are doing a reno.

Room use changes are one of my favourite ways to reinvent a home.  Every few years enough change has happened in a family that it warrants a good hard look at your house to find a better layout within the rooms as well as the over all house.  In our case we had more children and needed more bedrooms close to one another.  In our PC (pre-children) days our master was this great big bedroom on the second floor with on suite bath and fireplace.  Now we sleep snuggly in the basement, each in our own room thanks to this renovation.

I have gained a whole new respect for basements.  Ours is well built and provides a very quiet, cozy and dark place for early bedtimes and daytime naps.  Construction has become so sophisticated that dry, clean basements are a reality and should not be overlooked as a great place for bedrooms.

The upstairs master bedroom is not going to waste!  It has been a great new home for my interior design office.

Here is what it looks like to have a window added to our basement room.  This room has gone from a storage room to a master bedroom.

To start the reno they removed the drywall and studs to expose the concrete of the wall that would be cut.  Since we had the space and the room could handle it, we chose to put in a big window, 3×6 feet with two sliders on either side.  This would give us lots of light and an airy feeling.

On the outside the window is over hung by a deck.  To our surprise, once installed, it would be the only bedroom in the house that has a view of the stars from the bed!

Wow!  What a view out of a basement window, right into the flower garden and onto the forest.

Now it is all installed but far from finished!  We have moved into the room and the primer is painted but there is still so much to be done.  Stay tuned to see the progression and final design!


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