How to hang asymmetrical artwork

So, last post I talked about how high to hand your art.  Today I want to talk about how to hang your art in a group.  In an asymmetrical group the best place to hang your largest piece of art is on the bottom left hand corner.  Our eye naturally travels from left to right and we tend to expect to find the biggest, “heaviest” object on the bottom, therefor it makes us most comfortable to see large, big objects on the bottom left “supporting” the other objects in the group.  When doing a symmetrical layout the largest item goes in the middle and the smaller items to either side.

We still want to stick to the 57″ to centre rule but in this case the rule applies to the grouping, not just individual images.  In this case we are also sticking to the 2/3 rule, the art being 2/3 the width of the furniture below.  We have an art display of 6′ wide so to get the 9′ furniture base I added to small stools to each side of the 6′ wide table.

Follow a few simple rules get the designer look every time.


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